In addition to nifty engineering and excellent triathlon bikes, the Toronto Bike Show featured some head-turning paint schemes. Below are a few that stood out:


This colour fade scheme is one of a limited series with customizable colour options. It definitely makes for a stand-out bike, and also featured a helmet with matching colour fade scheme.



For this bike, they made clever use of gloss versus matte paint, with identical colours, to make the logo very subtle. Others have done a similar scheme before, but I found this one to be one of the most subtle, only noticeable from certain angles.



What is particularly special about this bike is how they have used the paint scheme to highlight an engineering feature. The bike is mixed aluminum and carbon fibre, with the bottom bracket triad being aluminum. The paint scheme then draws the eye to this unique feature.



Raw carbon fibre is still a beautiful sight. Look has used a gloss coating to accentuate the carbon fibres in this bike.



You just can’t beat that minty green (or celeste, to be specific) of Bianchi bikes. No other bike has such a specific colour scheme tied to the brand, it it is absolutely timeless.



Ok, so there’s a lot going on in this picture, it was a rather crowded area. However, what stood out is how the bike and saddle colour scheme (which is quite a unique one), are matched. Not by far the only matched saddle and bike scheme around, but something about the strength of the colours really jumped out.